Dates : 12th(Thur) - 14th(Sat) January 2023
Venue:Tokyo Big Sight

Organised by RX Japan Ltd. (Formerly Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd.)
Special supported by Japan Franchise Association

<An Exhibition to Expand Your Market for Franchisees and Distributors>

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Concurrent Show

13th - 15th January 2023
Concurrent show of FRAX TOKYO 2023

The show is to find the way to save up or make more money.
It covers stocks, real estate, insurance, gold, etc. and for anyone from beginners to the advanced.

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Organised by RX Japan Ltd.

Japan’s Largest Exhibition Organiser

RX Japan organises 84 exhibitions* a year at large exhibition halls such as Tokyo Big Sight, Makuhari Messe and Intex Osaka across a wide variety of 34 fields including jewellery, fashion, gift items, electronics, energy, IT, cosmetics and medical.

Please visit the RX Japan website for details of 84 exhibitions in 34 fields annually organised by RX Japan.
*Composed of 357 Sub-exhibitions

Philosophy of RX Japan

1. We gather an overwhelming number of buyers with a clear purpose of business.
2. We gather a great number of premium buyers from Japan and abroad.
3. We release the visitor numbers clearly and stringently without deception.
4. We gather an overwhelming number of exhibitors from Japan and abroad.
5. We organise exhibitions profitable for exhibitors.
6. We pledge to develop methods to lead trade shows to success, and keep adding values to trade shows.

RX Japan’s Solemn Declaration of Non-Inflated Numbers

1. The reason for not inflating the visitor numbers

Inflating visitor numbers is a misrepresentation of the exhibition’s content, and a fraudulent act toward the exhibitors. Therefore, RX Japan will not commit such an act.

2. The visitor number counting method

Every visitor is to submit one business card at the visitor registration counter on-site, and will be counted as one visitor based on their business cards no matter how many times he/she re-enters the show.

3. Visitor numbers will be verified by an external party

Once the exhibition is completed, all the business cards submitted at the visitor registration counter will be presented to a certified accountant, who will verify that they are the same number as the number of visitors announced by the organiser. Random checks will be conducted through phone calls to the persons on the business cards to confirm that they had attended the exhibition.

4. Written official announcement of the visitor count

Immediately following the exhibition, the visitor number will be announced alongside the counting method, in written form.

*The number of exhibitors and visitors is a forecast including the concurrent show. This number may differ from the actual number at the show
(including co-exhibiting partners, group companies and association members)